We were up a dawn allowing us to see the sunrise at the Grand Canyon, which is a terrific thing to do.

Clicking on the left produces a page with the sunrise sequence. It may take awhile to load.

The Memorial Weekend tourists would soon be arriving at the South Rim in droves so we hustled out of the Canyon, heading South towards Flagstaff. We made a quick decision to add a side trip to Sedona since we were so close. After driving through Flagstaff, we took a windy road through tall pine trees that quickly disappeared and were replaced by more vivid red rocky terrain. After a curve in the road we came upon the beautiful Cathedral Rock and shortly afterward arrived in Sedona. Tourists in large numbers had decided on Sedona for the holiday weekend as well so we ate a quick lunch and left.

We paused at the hotel long enough to take a picture of the entrance and one of the inhabitants. The moose seemed bemused. Another moron tourist!!

Cathedral Rock

Next stop, Williams, AZ -- a straight 32 mile shot from Flagstaff . We stayed in the historic district of the town at The Red Garter Bed & Bakery, a restored 100 year-old Victorian building that used to serve as a brothel (we had Big Bertha’s room). Rendezvous Days were happening in Williams for the Memorial Day weekend. The arts, crafts and food fair was happening right down our street. We enjoyed some Navajo fry bread and watched a couple wannabe cowboys take on the mechanical bull. The bull was quickly victorious. We also caught a couple of tunes by the 2001 Arizona State Fiddle Champion.

The Red Garter Inn

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