Most of today's pictures are of the hike we took at Zion in the morning. The weather was beautiful as we hiked a path along the rock walls in the Zion Canyon in the early morning. Most of the others on the path were foreign tourists or retired folks. Before we went to bed the night before the lawn outside the lodge was filled with deer. There were at least 30 and in the morning they were out again.

Zion Canyon from the trail to the Emerald Pools

Above and to the left are a couple of the locals. They were friendly, but not particularly communicative.

This is from the road on the way out

This shot of the canyon is facing toward the entrance

We had an incredible ride through the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive and through the Zion-Mt. Carmel tunnel. The roads are well-banked, making for great biking. Stopped for lunch at Houston's in Kanab.

Our destination point for this day was Marble Canyon where the river raft tours down the Grand Canyon begin. We were the only people around and we watched the sun set while sitting on a weather-worn rickety picnic bench looking down at the Colorado River. Val’s parents began a 10-day journey from this very point 30 years ago. Just sitting there we could imagine the butterflies that must have been in their stomachs as they pondered what might await them around each bend in those canyon walls up ahead.

This was the most adverse weather we saw the entire trip

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