Road Trip!!

.. and this time Val joined the adventure. The bike took us through four national parks including Death Valley, Zion, Grand Canyon, and Yosemite. To read all about it click on the bike image to the right. We were unable to keep the site updated as we progressed so HERE it is all at once. For the Epilogue aka. my journey home, featuring the incredible Alien Landing click HERE.

Alien Landing

If you really wanna go nuts have a look at the last adventure from Washington DC to Jackson, WY by clicking HERE.

The New Orleans Jazz Fest was a great time this year

... and the weather has never been better. The usual heat, but this time there was a nice breeze blowing. Stay tuned for pictures and narrative. Catie Halaby joined us for her fourth show as well as Dawn for her second and Michael for his first.

The attendance at Dave Matthew's performance was the largest we've ever seen for a single event at Jazz Fest. Sonny Landreth is one of the best unknown slide-guitar players around and he played an excellent set.

It was great running into David Resnik, the guitar player from Sonia Dada. We were at GIT together, along with Pete Anderson, Jennifer Batten, and Kevin Dukes. Sonia Dada's performance was one of the best of the show.

If you have never seen Paul Simon perform, you should. His band alone is worth the price of admission and his incredible variety of styles and large repertoire of great songs speaks of an true talent.

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