Music has been my greatest love ever since the Beatles first appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. There was something about the magic of creating sounds with musical instruments that really appealed to me. My parents were kind enough to buy me a guitar and I set about learning music by listening to and trying to imitate what I heard on records.

From the Beatles and the Rolling Stones I found my way to Blues and Jazz. During this period my favorite artists were Muddy Waters and one of his early harp players, Little Walter. I wore out the grooves on those records. Jimi Hendrix was far and away the most exciting guitar player of my childhood and still is today, followed by Wes Montgomery and Pat Metheny.

I really started listening to Jazz guitar players when I met Tuck Andress in 1975. He introduced me to Wes and Pat Martino. My favorite Jazz artists are Miles Davis, Weather Report (especially Wayne and Joe). Miles was the Pablo Picasso of Jazz and his contributions to music have transcended time and genre.

One of the most interesting and satisfying experiences of my life at the moment is my association with the Berklee College of Music. Berklee is the premier school in the world for the study of contemporary music. The school has an incredible faculty and staff and continues to grow and improve its curriculum. Click on the logo to visit their website. If you are serious about your study of music, Berklee is the place to go.


Music by Chris Halaby and Marc Ream

All Songs written and arranged by Chris Halaby and Marc Ream. Additional arrangements by Russell Bond and Paul Potyen.

Produced and engineered by Russell Bond.

Recorded at the Music Annex, Menlo Park and San Francisco, CA.

Mixed by Russell Bond at Spectrum Studios, Portland, OR.

All song published by HalMarc© Music BMI 1992

Chris Halaby: Guitars, keyboards, percussion programming.
Marc Ream: Keyboards, percussion programming

Additional Musicians
Diana Roselind Trimble: Vocals on Wadi Rum, New Song, Africa
Molly Holm: Vocals on Catie’s Choice
Michael Spiro: Live percussion
Ed Smith: Drums on Catie’s Choice, Aftertouch
Paul Potyen: Piano on Aftertouch, Air Again, Catie’s Choice
Larry Schneider: Tenor Sax
Zak Johnson: Alto Sax on Catie’s Choice
Jim Norton: Soprano Sax on Wadi Rum
David Belove: Bass on Catie’s Choice
Eric Golub: Violin on Wadi Rum
David Peterson: Oboe on New Song
Chris Bock: Percussion on Weekend Visa
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