We decided to hang out at the hotel until 2:00 before leaving for Zion and almost immediately regretted our decision. The 90 minute drive to Mesquite was excruciating – a straight shot in 108 degree heat (remember the hair dryer/sauna analogy from Monday – well, this was worse).

We were happy to find a laundromat right off the freeway in Mesquite and we spent the next hour and a half in the luxury of the air conditioning. When we left the temperature read 111 degrees, the hottest we had seen on the bike's gauge. When we left Mesquite the scenery began to get interesting. Beautiful red hills were ahead of us as we rode into Utah past the town of St. George nestled at the bottom of some magnificent red buttes. From there to Zion it was a truly spectacular ride.

Zion National Park

Protected within Zion National Park's 229 square miles is a spectacular cliff-and-canyon landscape and wilderness full of the unexpected, including the world's largest arch - Kolob Arch - with a span that measures 310 feet. It was truly the best part of the trip and we plan to return someday soon.

Mule deer occupy the front lawn of the Zion Lodge. They serve as lawn mowers, and they're good at it.

The entrance to Zion National Park

We arrived in the park around 7:00pm. The lighting at this time of day was spectacular making us feel a lot better about the Vegas departure time. We stayed at the Zion Lodge in the heart of the canyon. It's a wonderful place to stay, but you need to reserve your room far in advance. Click on the image to the left to go to their website.

When people talk of Zion they talk about the red rocks. Here are some examples.

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