Managed to get going by 8:30am, which turned out to be our latest morning departure. The new intercom system was working fine, allowing Val to point out every possible hazard... Argh!! It was a beautiful morning and traffic was light. Lunch was at the famous Iron Door Saloon in Groveland. The iron doors of the saloon were imported from Europe. In case of a fire local residents could stay in the saloon with the doors closed and be safe.

To the right is a classic example of Canus Rodentus species. Rarely seen outside of suburbia, they tend to be eaten by local wildlife such as small birds and insects.

First stop was an overlook near the San Pedro Dam, where a couple of tourists with a little rat dog took our picture. We included it because we thought it might be the last picture taken with all our limbs attached.

From Groveland we had the road to ourselves. We cruised to the Yosemite National Park entrance and purchased a Seven-Day National Parks Pass for $50. The pass allowed us to enter the other three parks without paying again. A real bargain!!!

Yosemite never fails to take your breath away. To the right is an afternoon shot of Half Dome.

Unfortunately Yosemite is a very popular place this time of year. The toughest part of the drive came when we had to negotiate distracted cars, other distracted motorcycles, tour buses, distracted pedestrians, and distracted bicyclists on the Valley floor while we made our way. We took an easy 2-mile hike to the Yosemite Falls and then ate dinner at the Ahwahnee, accompanied by the Ferrari Automobile Club and several wedding parties.


Yet another picture of the Yosemite Falls

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