Day 8
Deadwood to Sheridan via Devil's Tower
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The plan for the day was to ride to Sheridan, WY by way of Spearfish, Sundance and Devil's Tower. The weather was perfect as I rode through the Spearfish Canyon on the way to I90 although things hadn't been that way the night before.
Below is the road through Spearfish Canyon. It's a terrific road, impossible to capture in pictures.
Sadly, when I got to Spearfish I had to ride through the havoc that nature had wrought to the town the night before. It was the same storm that made me take cover, but it had built in intensity and when it hit Spearfish it was like a tornado. Although the news reports didn't describe it as such the locals were convinced it was a tornado because of the path of destruction left to certain parts of the town.
Here are a couple of shots from Spearfish in the aftermath of the storm. There was no extra charge for the rooms with the newly added skylights at the Super8 Motel.

Devil's Tower
Devil's Tower was more impressive than I had expected and well worth the extra effort it took to get there. I mean this place is WAY off the beaten track. The monument is about 30 miles from the I90 through very sparsley populated land. The Tower another favorite of rock climbers, but once again it was too hot to climb. On the ride back I had the road to myself and started to think that I was going the wrong way after awhile because there were no road signs. The GPS came in very handy at this point and verified the correct route.
There is a Native American myth about how Devil's Tower came to be.

It seems that there were 8 sisters out walking one day long ago. An evil spirit suddenly turned one of them into a bear and she began to chase the others with the intent to harm them. As they ran they prayed to the good spirits who heard them and elevated the ground they were on into the sky. The bear sister was unable to reach them. Today you can still see the scratch marks made by her claws on the side of the tower as she struggled to reach them.