Day 10
Cody to Jackson Hole via Yellowstone
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Day 10/ Page 2
This was the last day of the trip and it turned out to be one of the harder ones. Although the experiences were terrific the traffic was congested and slow, the rods were under construction, and the rain came pouring down once again.
No idea what this is, but it looked cool so I shot it.
Entrance to Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park

At the heart of Yellowstone's past, present, and future is volcanism and there is evidence of it everywhere, from the bubbling sulpher pools and mud pots to the amazing rock formations. You are especially struck by the rocks as you drive in from the east entrance. There are often signs by the road identifying the era that the rocks were formed; Paleozoic, Mesozoic, Jurassic, etc.
I got to the entrance to Yellowstone by 8:00AM, which is bit late in the morning for many wildlife sightings. The bears are usually feeding in the early morning and late afternoon. The rivers were filled with fisherman. Sometimes you could see as any as 10 in a small section. Thankfully only "catch and throw back" is allowed.
Above is a family of Elk feeling quite secure despite the photographer on the noisy horse. Note the young folks on the left. The stream separating them makes a big difference.
Day 10/ Page 2
Above are a couple of Bison out for a date. I suspect they are thinking; "There goes the neighborhood".