Day 3
Charleston to Louisville, KY
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Algebra 101
Today there is a featured math problem, which pretty much sums up my day on the road. See if you can solve it. I expect correct answers from the geek contingent.

Motorcyclist A, traveling at 80MPH, passes UPS Truck B, travelling at 50MPH. 30 minutes later Motorcyclist A passes Trucker B again, but this time travelling in the opposite direction. 20 minutes later Motorcyclist A realizes that he is headed in the wrong direction and turns around. How long does it take Motorcyclist A to pass Trucker B a second time? For extra credit how many more miles does Motorcyclist A have to ride as a result of this blunder.

There is no need to factor rest stops or the actual time it takes to feel incredibly stupid and actually turn around. Please send your answers to The first correct answer wins an autographed copy of the picture displayed below:

OK, go…
I had the opportunity to pass the amazing sculpture garden pictured below three times. What a thrill!
First Time Second Time
All was not lost. Spent a restful night at the home of Dick and Joanne Alston after having dinner with David and Freya Szetela. It's nice to have friends.
Third Time