We got to New Orleans a day earlier than usual, which gave us time to see parts of the city we hadn't seen. We took a half a day and visited the site of the Battle of New Orleans. According to the ranger Jean Laffitte wasn't quite the hero portrayed in the movies.

The attendance at Dave Matthew's performance was the largest we've ever seen for a single event at Jazz Fest. Sonny Landreth is one of the best unknown slide-guitar players around and he played an excellent set.

It was great running into David Resnik, the guitar player from Sonia Dada. We were at GIT together, along with Pete Anderson, Jennifer Batten, and Kevin Dukes to name a few more well-known classmates. Sonia Dada's performance was one of the best of the show. They have a tight band with several great singers and they do a sort of gospel R&B hybrid.

If you have never seen Paul Simon perform, you should. His band alone is worth the price of admission and his large variety of styles and increidble library of great songs speaks of a true and lasting talent.

Unfortunately we lost a roll of film somewhere between New Orleans and California so pictures are pretty sparse this year. Oh well, Check out http://insideneworleans.com by clicking below if you want to see more.

Like most everyone else the police have a sense of humor in New Orleans. This is the gate of the central station on in the French Quarter.

This is the oldest Cajun band in existence as far as I know. The guy in the red shirt was playing the triangle.

To the right is one of the fixtures at the Gospel Tent. This woman sits in with most of the groups playing and dancing with serious energy.

This is Sonny Landreth playing his unique style of slide guitar

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