Thanks for stopping by. This is the home page for my road trip from Washington DC to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It's edited down from the original.

I rode a BMW R100RS. The bike belongs to the good doctor Pat Alagia. A smooth hybrid touring/sport bike. It's pictured at the top left. The actual color of the bike is charcoal, not red.

The website was put together on my Macintosh (PowerBook G3) with Adobe GoLive. The pictures were taken with a Nikon CoolPix digital camera (very nice product) and then processed with Adobe PhotoShop.

Part of the theme of this trip was the Lewis and Clark trail. The intinerary included stops at Chancellorsville, Monticello, Louisville, Souix City, Mount Rushmore, and Big Horn National Park among many others.

I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I did.

Clicking on any of the days to the left will take you to that particular day of the trip.