Wadi Rum is a truly beautiful part of the world that has been the setting of a number of movies, the most famous of which is "Lawrence of Arabia". The story takes place during World War I when T.E. Lawrence helped the Arabs win their independance from the Ottoman Empire by helping to unite the various Bedouin tribes and then moving their armies through Wadi Rum to Aquaba where they cut off the railroad and defeated the Turkish army stationed there. Unfortunately the British never kept their part of the bargain with King Abdullah.

The small town of Rum is located about 1-2 hours by car from the Jordanian port city of Aquaba. About 30 minutes of the drive is on a tiny road that seems to go nowhere.

The best time to visit is about an hour before dusk because there are no more dramatic sunsets than the ones seen in Wadi Rum. It is a truly memorable experience.

Above is a sequence of a typical Wadi Rum sunset. If you look carefully you will see a patient traveler heading home. Wadi Rum is a close to a "lunar landscape" as anything that exists in the world.

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